Coco Gauff’s Romantic Side: Who is Coco Gauffs Boyfriend?

Coco Gauff, the sensational 19-year-old Grand Slam Champion, has not only captured the world’s attention with her outstanding performance on the tennis court but has also become a prominent figure in the public eye. Beyond her athletic prowess, fans are eager to learn about her personal life, specifically her romantic interests. In this article, we dive into the intriguing details of Coco Gauff’s love life, exploring her relationship status and the mystery surrounding her boyfriend.

Coco Gauff’s Rise to Stardom:

After her remarkable victory at the 2023 U.S Open, Coco Gauff has solidified her status as one of the most beloved athletes globally. While her tennis skills have been a focal point, her foray into sharing glimpses of her personal life has sparked curiosity among fans, leading many to wonder about her romantic journey.

A Peek into Coco’s Love Life:

During a press conference, Coco Gauff offered a rare insight into her love life. Before her U.S Open final, she revealed that she called up her boyfriend, confirming the existence of a romantic relationship. She shared, “I was envisioning, you know, what would happen if I would win… I just called my boyfriend and told him, ‘Let’s talk until it’s time to go to sleep.’ So we spoke until 1 am, and then I went to sleep.”

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Serious Relationship Revelations:

It appears that Coco Gauff has been in a serious relationship for quite some time. Back in April, during an interview with Tennis Channel’s “Warm and Fuzzy,” she briefly mentioned her boyfriend. Reflecting on a harp melody played on the show, Coco expressed, “It makes you feel like you want to be in love.” When the host jokingly inquired about her love life, Coco responded with a laugh, saying, “God, I hope he doesn’t see this,” hinting at the private nature of their romance. There are Rumors that Ben Shelton is the Person who Loves her

Keeping Romance Under Wraps:

Despite her fame, Coco Gauff has managed to keep her romance under wraps, choosing to reveal only snippets of her love life. The mystery surrounding her boyfriend adds an element of intrigue, leaving fans eager to learn more about the person who holds Coco’s heart.


As Coco Gauff continues to shine both on and off the tennis court, fans remain captivated by her athletic prowess and the enigmatic details of her personal life, especially her romantic relationship. While her love life remains mostly private, the occasional revelations during press conferences and interviews provide a glimpse into the romantic side of this tennis sensation. Stay tuned for more updates as Coco Gauff navigates the realms of love and sports, captivating audiences around the world.

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