Canelo Alvarez vs Jermell Charlo – Full Fight Highlights

Discover the intense showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo in this comprehensive fight highlight. Dive into each round, witness powerful punches, and follow the twists and turns of this epic battle.


In the latest bout, Canelo Alvarez faced off against Jermell Charlo, bringing two exceptional fighters into the ring. Join us as we break down the action-packed moments of this highly anticipated match.

Round-by-Round Analysis

Round 1-4: Setting the Tone

The early rounds showcase both fighters feeling each other out. Canelo emphasizes the importance of avoiding the ropes, while Charlo works on countering and defensive strategies. The tension builds as they exchange single shots, setting the stage for a strategic battle.

Round 5-8: Tactical Moves and Knockdowns

Canelo’s dominance becomes evident as he delivers power shots and maintains ring control. Charlo, resilient and strategic, fights back despite a knockdown. The eighth round sees a significant left uppercut from Canelo, displaying his skill and determination.

Round 9-12: The Climax

As the fight progresses, Canelo’s superior jabs and effective combinations leave an impact. Charlo, undeterred, showcases resilience against the relentless pressure. The final rounds unfold with both fighters pushing their limits, leading to a memorable climax.

Key Moments and Statistics

  • Canelo’s precision and power displayed through 208 jabs out of 232 attempted.
  • Charlo’s strategic counters and defensive maneuvers, earning him recognition in round five.
  • Canelo’s ability to absorb shots and maintain dominance throughout the match.

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The fight concludes with Canelo Alvarez reaffirming his position as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters. Dive into the stats, relive the key moments, and witness the brilliance of both fighters in this thrilling encounter. For a detailed account of the battle, watch the full fight highlights now!

Note: Canelo Alvarez remains undefeated, adding another impressive chapter to his storied career.

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