Unusual Waves Hit Cape Town’s Coast: Homes Damaged and Beaches Closed

Over the past two days, Cape Town’s coast has experienced unusual waves, resulting in damaged homes and the closure of businesses due to the Western Cape spring tide. Emergency services are urging caution, and several beaches in the region have been closed as a precautionary measure.

Wave After Wave: A Flooding Nightmare

Residents describe the relentless onslaught of waves, one after another, causing extensive damage to homes and businesses. The waves, accompanied by high tides and violent winds, have created a flooding nightmare for those living along the Taurus Coast near Cape Town.

One resident shared, “As the waves were coming, there goes another window and there goes another window. It was just a flooding nightmare.”

Impact on Businesses and Homes

The combination of high tides and powerful waves has wreaked havoc on the Taurus Coast. The violent winds led to a powerful swell over the weekend, resulting in water topping dykes and flooding streets and houses. Some businesses had to close their doors temporarily due to the damage caused by the unusual waves.

A store owner reported, “Few of the windows at the store blew out with the storm. Not much wind, but the waves hit the building quite badly, and we had to shut two of the three stores because of the weather.”

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National Alert and Coastline Warning

In response to the unusual wave activity, the National Meteorological Institute has issued a warning for the entire 3,000-kilometer coastline of South Africa until Monday. This precautionary measure aims to ensure the safety of residents and visitors along the coast.


The unexpected waves hitting Cape Town’s coast have left a trail of damage, prompting cautionary measures from emergency services and authorities. Residents are urged to stay vigilant as the situation unfolds. Keep updated on the latest developments regarding the unusual waves and follow official guidelines for safety.

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